Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Love - South East Asian Sarong Cradle Rocker - Available now!

A lot of people are lucky to have babies that sleeps easily.  There are some that are not as lucky have to deal with crying babies all night long.  

For those who are not as fortunate, have you considered the Baby Love Sarong Cradle?  This cradle is extremely popular in the South East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. The Malaysian and Singaporean Sarong Buaian cradle is very similar to the baby hammock. In fact, the functionality is the sane. It is designed to help babies sleep better with more motion compared to the baby hammock. Young babies feel foreign in this world since they have been living in mama's womb for over 9 months. The baby cradle also mimics being in mama's womb: snuggled, safe and secure. This baby cradle is not a new thing, it has been really popular especially in the South East Asia region. Pretty much 90% of the babies there grew up with this baby cradle.

People in the 50s or probably even before that has been using the sarong cradle.   Here is a picture of the sarong cradle/ baby hammock from the olden days.  They use to hang it from the ceiling top.

 Fast forward to year 2012, we too are still using it.  Only difference, the sarong is now made with pinholes.... the benefit of it is it makes it safer as babies can breath easily through the pinholes and it allows more air ventilation.  Also, we do not have to worry about drilling holes in the ceiling since they now come with the hammock stand so that you can wheel it anywhere you like.  Though... it is very important that the babies must not wear any jewelries or clothes that have any object that could possible get stuck between the pinholes.

Enjoy some pictures of our second son in the sarong cradle while the big brother babysits him.

Available now at our store for $99.99 - Pink or Blue.  Click here now to purchase a set for your baby.

** This unit will work with the computerized unit, if purchase the computerized unit, let the system rocks your baby for you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

What are Hybrid Diapers?

One Size, Fitted, Pocket Diapers, they all seem straight forward, if we don't know what type of diapers they are, at least we can figure out right away but when it came to Hybrids, I myself wonder what they were at first or maybe I am just not that bright? :P  When it comes to Hybrid vehicles, it means the vehicle uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle.  I guess now it all make sense what a Hybrid Diaper system is.

It means it's a combination of the disposable and reusable cloth diapers.  But how? Basically, the cover of the diaper is a reusable cloth diaper but the inserts or liners are disposables. Some of the inserts/ liners  are flush able or composted. 

You may ask then why use hybrids since it is not fully environmental friendly?  It's not completely green.  I guess again it comes to preference and what works best for you and your baby.

The most popular brand for the hybrid diapers is the gDiapers, GroVia, Flip, Best Bottoms.  We actually sell the reusable diaper covers, we will soon add the disposable inserts/ liners to our store.

Here is a picture of the hybrid diapers (This picture is taken from gDiapers)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 to everyone!

Happy New Year 2012 to everyone, hopefully this year will be another successful and interesting year for all!!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Need a wet bag or wet/ dry bag??? We have added Leslie's Boutique to our Wet Bag line!

We have added Leslie's Boutique to our Wet Bag lines.  It's now available from $11.99 to $21.99 and comes with FREE SHIPPING!!!

If you do not know much about them, here are some tips for you.

  • Made in USA - They are all made in the USA by moms
  • They come in 5 different sizes
  • 3 sizes in Wet/ Dry - (Grab-n-Go 11"X11"), (Do-It-All 13"X15") and (Play-All-Day 16"X20")
  • Comes in 23 Designer fabrics
  • Comes with handle and zip
  • Biggest sizes bag is (15" X 30") - The Weekender
  • Need to customize one just for yourself... they have it too, just work with us!

Comes in 23 Prints:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bellybands are now available on our store!!! Come get them now!

Do you have this problem where your top fits but.. thanks to your baby growing inside your belly, your top is shrinking???  Well.... I sure do because that's my problem now.  

Thanks to the bellyband... I don't have to worry about buying maternity tops, I can still wear my favorite top and have the bellyband worn under my top.  

But guess what... you can jazz it up by wearing it outside.... the bellyband comes in 33 colors... with all these colors, you can mix and match them with any color tops that you have.

Come check it out at our store now... click here to purchase one... comes with FREE SHIPPING!!!

Comes in 33 Colors:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

100% Natural Latex Pillow - 3 Pilows in a Package (3 Colors)

Some parents actually like their babies sleeping on pillows.  The right pillow could save your baby's life!

Purchase a set for your little one or perfect for baby shower gifts!!! Click here to purchase one now.  Available for purchase now for $37.99 with FREE SHIPPING!

  • Helps prevent suffocation
  • Reducing the risk of Sudden Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S)
  • Particularly perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Perfect for everyone!
  • Specially molded pinholes to allow fresh air to flow through

    Size Pillow 12" x 8"

    Size Bolster 6" x 16"

    Tested by OEKO-TEX Standard
    Test No. ZHWO 033059
    TESTEX Zurich
Package Includes:
  • 1 Pillow
  • 2 Bolsters
  • 1 Pillow Case
  • 2 Bolsters Case

    Brand new
    Choose from GIRLS or BOYS and NOW, NEUTRAL (Brown) color


Friday, December 9, 2011

Need Cloth Diaper Detergent - We have it, choose - Rockin Green Versus (Vs) Charlie's Soap!

We now carry the cloth diaper laundry. Rockin Green ($15.99 + FREE SHIPPING) and Charlie's Soap ($15.99 + FREE SHIPPING)

If you are new to these detergent, you probably will be wondering, which one is better for you, what's the difference, which is cheaper, etc?

We will try to assist as much as possible. 


- What's the difference between Rockin Green Vs Charlie's Soap?
They both detergents for Cloth diapers but the main difference between them is the Rockin Green comes in 3 different formula (Soft, Classic and Hard), on the other hand Charlie's Soap does not. Also, Rockin Green comes in 5 different scent but for those who do not like to deal with the difference scent, they can choose the Bare Naked Babies, therefore, they come with 6 difference scent.

- Which is better for you?
Honestly, we don't want to say which is better for you, the reason is because we all have different needs and wants, something that works for me may not work for you. I may like a Chevy but someone else may like a Honda, they are both cars and their functionality is to take us from one point to the other. Though, we have one advise to help those who are having a tough time deciding. Hate to decide which type of rock or which scent works better? Then, go with the Charlie's Soap but if you are concern and wanting to make sure that you get the most out of your detergents, you can always go to the map below to decide where you live and what type of "rock" you should use.

- Which detergent is cheaper?
You can get the Rockin Green 45/90 load (45oz or 2.8 lbs)  load for $15.99 with Free shipping in our store.  As for the Charlie's Soap, it is 120 load (42.2 oz or 2.64 lbs) for $15.99 with Free shipping.  Therefore, they are both almost the same, even though it seem that the Charlie's Soap is more expensive but according to the number of loads, the Charlie's Soap may be cheaper.  

- What does the Rockin Green 45/90 means?  
I had the same question when I looked at it but from our research, 45/90 load means you can get at least 45 loads out of that packet but some found up to 90 loads.  That's why they state it as 45/90.

We hope the little information above can help you decide on which one is better for you?  

Anyway, head on over to our store to purchase either one or BOTH!  Click here to directly go to our Cloth Detergent page